Brief naar en van de Sri Lankaanse ambassadeur in België (11/2019)

Brief van Adoptie Sri Lanka aan de ambassadeur:

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of our association “Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw” I wish to extend our sincere congratulations on your appointment as Ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg and the European Union.

We hope your stay in our country will be a happy and successful one.

On 20th December 2019 our charitable association will have been working for thirty years on a voluntary basis to the benefit of needy people in Sri Lanka.   Thanks to our Belgian benefactors and the assistance of six Sri Lankan partner organizations we succeeded in sponsoring many projects.

As you can see from the brief overview per 31/12/2018 enclosed we funded the financial adoption of about 3.000 pupils and students, as well as many other projects in favour of the poor, e.g. the construction of a children’s home, four scholarship plans for more than 14.000  pupils and students, the distribution of over 22.000 pairs of spectacles, the construction of almost 300 small houses, 28 drinking water schemes and a child clinic, the renovation of 11 hospitals,  the construction of 18 preschools, a mobile library, etc.

In 2019 so far we financed the construction of 22 more houses, of a medical centre for the Pradeshiya Sabha in Udatenna, of a lecture hall for Maha Vidiyala  in Mihintale, of  preschoolS in Kahatagasdigiliya and Wahayahapuwewa, of a community welfare center at Welikanda; for the Mentally Handicapped Children School in Thanamalwila we renovated four rooms and three toilets, to the police of Mihintale we donated an Acer-projector  and a projection screen for a drug prevention programme,  we distributed food packages and clothes to the poor, etc…

More information about our projects you can find in the section ‘English’ on our website as well as in the enclosed article in the Daily Mirror and a report on the opening of the Adoption Sri Lanka Medical Centre in Udatenna.

Your Excellency,

I can assure you that as in the past thirty years our association Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw will do its utmost to favour underpriviledged people in your country!

Respectfully yours,

John Van Dijck

managing director

Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw



Antwoord van de ambassadeur aan Adoptie Sri Lanka:

Mr. John Van Dijck

Managing Director

Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw

Dear Mr. Van Dijck

I wish to thank you for the congratulations and best wishes on my appointment as Ambassador to Belgium, European Union and Luxembourg.

I thank you also for sharing an overview of activities undertaken by the “Adoptie Sri Lanka  vzw” in Sri Lanka.

I wish your organization every success in your charitable work in Sri Lanka.

Yours sincerely

Grace Asirwatham