Sustainable community development (03/2020)


Adoption Sri Lanka of Belgium implemented in Sri Lanka various social services programmes, through the Matale Elders Benevolent society. People commonly use the name “Shanthinikethaya” It provides  various social services for the wellbeing of people of all walks of life. The combined social services of Adoption Sri Lanka of Belgium and Shanthinikethaya of Udatenna gave a big boost, to provide vast social services for the people in our area.

In the year 2000 January 1st, Adoption Sri Lanka Shanthinikethaya commenced their first social service, by donating an infusion pump for a child suffering from Thalassemia disease. Since then Adoption Sri Lanka Belgium funded and implemented many projects such as water,health, renovation of houses, development of roads and education ect, for the benefit of poor people and school going children of poor families in our area in the District of Matale.

Adoption Sri Lanka Belgium funded most of these projects implemented by our organization, all these projects are completed though people participation.

In the year 2003, our area in the Ukuwela Divisional secretariat was under threat of dengue fever. The then chairman of the pradeshiya sabha of ukuwela requested our organization to conduct programmes to make aware of the public about preventing measures of infection diseases spreading through water and mosquitoes. This programme was solely sponsored by adoption Sri Lanka. Our organization conducted several programme in identified areas of the divisional secretariat.

In 2004, the Hon. Managing director of Adoption Sri Lanka, Mr. John van dijck who toured in Sri Lanka, witnessed himself the difficulties the plantation community of Ratwatta Division was undergoing. He intervened and solved a very long time standing drinking water problem of the Ratwatte community. While this project was been implemented, almost the whole of the coastal belt of Sri Lanka was affected by the tsunami Tidal wave disaster. A generous contribution of Rs. 200,000/= (Two hundred Thousand rupees) was allocated to our organization to supply dry rations and clothing for the tsunami victims of Kinniya village, in the district of Trincomalee. A team of our organization visited Kinniya and distributed dry rations, clothing and various other essential items collected, among these victims.

On 05th April 2005, Ratwatte water supply project was ceremonially opened by the Hon. Vice president of adoption Sri Lanka, Miss Linda stable in the presence of Mr. Fernando the then superintendent of Ratwatte Division, and a large gathering was present.Mr. Fernando in his speech conveyed his thanks for the generous contributions made by Adoption Sri Lanka, On behalf of the plantation community, who suffered lot immensely without pure drinking water.

In addition, drinking water projects for Couradie, Sembuwatte, Madawatta and Ratwatta upper division Divisions were implemented through financial assistance granted by Adoption Sri Lanka in 2006,2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively. A significant factor of these projects implemented was the people’s participation. We are sure that these projects will last for generations and generations ahead. All these projects ceremonially declared open on the National day of Belgium, 21st July 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively. The hoisting of the National Flag of Belgium was done by and official representative of Adoption Sri Lanka. More than 1800 families are benefited by these projects.

Couradie Division is located about 3000ft above sea level and it is a secluded area. Roads leading to the dwelling houses of the people are eroded and difficult to reach. Nearest place for people to  get medical treatment is madolkelle Hospital, and here again there is no motorable road, but only a foot-path leading from couradie to Madolkelle, to reach the hospital. In case of an emergency, people have to come all the way to Matale hospital which is about 20 kilometers, whereas, madolkelle is only about 06 Kilometers.

The people living in couradie divisions, made a request on this matter to Miss Linda stable of Adoption Sri Lanka. As a result she inspected the area and granted the necessary funds to develop the foot path in to a mototable road. This road was declared open on 21st July 2008, for public utility. On this occasion which was the Belgium National Day, there was a huge gathering present, the superintendent of elkaduwa plantation Mr. Radly disage who was also present expressed his views of this gesture and the immense worthiness of this project, and commended on this meritorious act. He expressed his sincere thanks, on behalf of the planation community, for the generous contribution made by Adoption Sri Lanka. On the various acts of deeds granted for the development of the community living in the area. He also read a massage of felicitation sent by the chairman of the plantation corporation of Sri Lanka, at the opening ceremony.  Thousands of people are benefitted by this road, and it is a short way to reach the nearest town, to fulfill the daily needs of the people

Another noteworthy factor is that on the same day two other water supply schemes funded by Adoption Sri Lanka was declared open by the Vice President Miss Linda stabel of Adoption Sri Lanka of Belgium. Conservation of Water resources and development of Tomba philla water well complex constructed at rusrigama and madawatte water supply scheme. About 600 families and more than 2000 people will enjoy the benefits of these projects.

Another significant event on this occasion was the distribution of spectacles among people of poor eye sight, as well as toys were distributed among pre-school children. All these were donated by Adoption Sri Lanka and were distributed among the most needy. A distinguish gathering, and prominent political figures, as well as government officials of the area were present, and the distribution was made by them.

In addition, to all these, allocation of funds were made available by adoption of Sri Lanka, to renovate the pre-school buildings and to purchase necessary desks and benches for the education center.

Adoption sri lanka of Belgium has launched educational development programs in remote and rural areas to improve the standard of education of poor less privileged children who con not spend on education due to financial problems. The best example is Sanderus educational development center at udathanna in Sri Lanka. Where the tuition is given to children by teachers and prepares children to face competitive exams held by government. There are many children who entered the universities of Sri Lanka for higher education by passing there competitive exams held by government. The new building with full facilities declared open by Mr. John dijick ,the hon. Managing director of adaption Sri Lanka Belgium on 28th April 2013.

Line van dijck preschool at Rusirugama is another project provided with full facilities for preschool children of poor families in and around Rusirugama where the preschool teachers payments and all other expenses provided by adaption Sri Lanka, Belgium.

The contribution made available by Sri Lanka in our heart, the regional organization of Adaption Sri Lanka Belgium on behalf the plantation community to uplift their living standard, who are facing water and housing problems, mention with high gratitude.

Pure drinking water projects are implemented in hunugala, hunnasgiriya, watagoda and mahathenna for the benefit of the plantation community.

Renovation of dilapidated line houses of plantation community of Ratwatta upper division, Ratwatta Lower Division, Dombagoda Division and Hunugala (Cyclonic Disaster) are also completed.

Adoption Sri Lanka has funded various projects to improve the health conditions in and around Matale district. Various health programmes were conducted such as Dengue epidemic programmes, Screening programme for tuberculosis and eye defects programme.

In the year 2019 Adoption Sri Lanka Medical Center- Udathanne was established. In here various no of health programmes are undergoing such as

  • Avuruvedic Clinic for public
  • Distribution of Nutritious food for underweight children
  • Maternity Clinic
  • Weighing of infant, children below 5 years Preschool Children
  • Awareness programs (Epidemic, health education, family planning Etc.)
  • Clinical education
  • Testing of urine and measuring of height and weight
  • Inspection of pregnant mothers by doctors
  • taking of blood samples
  • Registration of infants , children for vaccination and observation of side effects
  • Vaccination for infants, children and pregnant mothers
  • inspection of mothers after delivery and the born child

Large no of pregnant mothers children below 5 years are getting benefits from this medical centre. In addition to this large no of patients are getting  avuruvedic treatments from this center.

Since the year 2000 the locations of  various projects under categories of Water ,Health care, Education development  and Livelihood   funded by Adoption Sri Lanka and implemented by shanthinikethanaya for the benefit of the plantation community and rural villagers are taken up in to a diagram of map and shown clearly below.

  • Location Map of water projects funded by Adoption Sri Lanka – Belgium
  • Location Map of projects funded by Adoption Sri Lanka Belgium to improve Health care Educational development and Livelihood
  • Description of completed projects funded by Adoption Sri Lanka, Belgium

Shanthinikethanaya convey our sincere thanks for the meritorious contributions made available by the members and board of directors of Adoption Sri Lanka to improve the living standard of low income less privileged community who are facing many socio economic problems.