Sinha Salsevana (01/2016)

with the assistance of Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw, Belgium.

The Salsevana Children’s Home was inaugurated in 1996 under a trust formed by the Sri Lanka-Belgium Friendship Association. The project was initiated by the late Desabandu Andrew Kariyawasan & Lion Mahen Kariyawasan from Sri Lanka.

The land for the construction of the orphanage was given by the Camilla School Trust, Mattegoda, the Lions of District 306A1 and with the assistance of   Past District Governor Lion Abey Silva of District 306A1.  The building was constructed with the sponsorship from Mr. & Mrs. John Van Dijck & Mr. & Mrs. Karel Moortgat and the support & assistance of the board of directors and its president, the late Mr. Gaston DILLEN of the Belgian charitable association Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw, Belgium.

This home presently consists of 30 young girls under the age of 18 years, whose parents were lost due to the war or other reasons, such as sick and disabled parents with no proper income to support them.  The home does look into the children’s education and proper well-being, and takes appropriate action for enhancement of their future.

In 1998 a memorandum of understanding was signed by the Lions Club of District 306B2 under the leadership of Lion Malik Zaveer to manage this home. With the involvement of the Lions it was  re-named as Sinha Salsevana Children’s Home.

The major funding is done by the Belgian charitable association Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw, which enables to provide all the meals, clothing and sanitary needs for these children. They also sponsor the daily working expenses (salaries and medical care of the staff, maintenance of the building etc.).  Numerous volunteers do contribute from time to time and the members of the Lions Club of Colombo Somerset do get involved in the activities of this home on a regular basis, occasionally providing outings for the children, apart from organizing parties during the festive season with entertainment for the children. Lions Clubs in the District 306B2 also provide the support and assistance whenever needed.

Lion Mahen Kariyawasan, the President of the Board of Trustees, has been involved in the day-to-day activities of this home from the inception with help from his office staff and members of his club, the Lions Club of Colombo Somerset District 306B2.

The aim of the Board of Trustees and all others involved is to take utmost care in providing shelter, food, clothing,  education, including higher studies and providing the right environment for the future of these innocent children to live a decent life and face the world as respectable citizens of this nation.

This self unit building is located in the centre of one acre of bare land with two large dormitories, sitting & study hall, office, guests lobby, sick room, store room, fully equipped large kitchen and other related facilities to cater up to 50 girls and staff. A playground with recreational equipments for the evening is enjoyed by the children.

The Children’s Home has the services of a qualified matron, two staff and an aide/watchman. An English and Computer teacher visits the home regularly to coach the children in their schoolwork. The children are all attending school and provided transport to school and back. Apart from their school activities, they are encouraged to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities.

January 13th, 2007 the home was extended with a new wing which was funded by the Lions International District 105C – Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Lions clubs UK. on the initiative and   supportive aid of the Lions Club of Colombo Somerset – District 306 B2, Sri Lanka.  This extension alongside the main building has the same facilities, furniture & fittings and can accommodate 20 more children. Presently, a few girls occupy this new wing with security and comfort.

We thank Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw and its members for their generous contribution to the enormous success in humanitarian services and growth and development of these less fortunate children of our community. And if not for the golden hand out of charity from concerned blessed people – local and globally – the Children’s Home would not have been what it is today.

On the occasion of one of their visits Mr. and Mrs. John Van Dijck reminded us of an old saying:”


We cherish your thoughts and continued support for a Better Life Tomorrow.

God Bless.

Mahen Kariyawasan