In Memoriam Deshamanya Amaradasa Gunawardana (06/2020)

Dear Friends,

I  regret having to inform you that Mr. Amaradasa Gunawardana, President of Sri Lanka-Belgium Association and of the Sri Lanka Council for the Blind, one of our oldest collaborators, passed away on 5th June last.

Under his presidency we constructed  in 2002 preschools, 28  houses and drinking water systems in two neglected hamlets in  Vana Meekanda and Thunthalawa; since then we also took care of the working expenses and distributed almost 2.500 scholarships among needy students of surrounding schools. We  built 10 houses for tsunami victims, renovated Nalanda divisional hospital thoroughly , constructed a building for an elders’ home and many other projects you can find on the website of SLBA All these projects were his initiative and were managed by him in an exemplary way, which deserves our utmost praise and gratitude.

We will miss Amaradasa enormously!

With warm regards,

John Van Dijck

Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw