Activities (02/2020)


“Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw” is a Belgian charitable association exclusively working for the benefit of needy people in Sri Lanka. Founded on the 20th of December 1989 it has its origin in the “Belgium – Sri Lanka Friendship Association” (18/02/1975). The association is recognized by the Belgian Government.


1. Project “Brillen voor Dillen” (Spectacles for Dillen).

Donation of more than 22.500 new and used pairs of spectacles distributed after examination of their eyesight among ill-sighted people all over Sri Lanka. This project was an initiative of our founder and president, the late Mr. Gaston DILLEN (1933-2010). It was the start of the foundation of Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw.

2. Financial adoption of 3015 children

⦁ 1.913 destitute children under the «Sevana Sarana Foster Parents Scheme», an official institution managed by the «Department of Probation and Child Care Services» of the Social Welfare Ministry.
⦁ 298 children under the “Susith Sarana Foster Parents Plan” in Pamunugama.
o 329 children under the Mihintale Foster Parents Plan.
⦁ 206 blind, deaf and dumb children in the “Deaf and Blind School” in Anuradhapura.
⦁ 127 children under the adoption plan of the “Lions Club International District 306 C (Kandy) in the village Diganna Aluthwatte.
⦁ 142 mentally handicapped young people under the “Thanamalwila Foster Parents Scheme”.

3. Scholarships (14.852)

⦁ 12.417 pupils and students in the region of Pamunugama.
⦁ 1.798 pupils and students in Vana Meekanda.
⦁ 27 students in the region of Kandy.
⦁ 610 students in the region of Thunthalawa.

3. Girls’ Home “Sinha Sal Sevana”

The construction in 1995/1996 and the equipment of the Children’s Home «Sinha Sal Sevana Child Development Centre» in Mategoda, initially intended for displaced/orphaned girls left destitute by the ravages of the Northern conflict, now also for children whose parents cannot take care for them properly, has been financed by two Flemish families, members of «Adoption Sri Lanka vzw».

The home that is recognized by the “Department of Probation and Child Care Services”, is managed by the Board of Trustees of the “Sri Lanka-Belgium Orphan Children’s Trust”, an in-house Matron and Staff, and is supported by the Ladies of the Lions Club of Colombo Somerset.
The ceremonial opening took place on 27th July 1996.
Since then every year we take care of proper feeding, clothing, medical care and schooling of the children as well as maintenance of the buildings etc.
In 2004 we donated a children’s bicycle, a computer and a printer.
In 2006 an extra wing with a dormitory and a study room was constructed to receive tsunami victims’ children. The original building was renovated. A bicycle for the older girls and more than 100 toys were donated.
In April 2013 the children celebrated in the home the marriage of Nilmini, one of their former colleagues; in 2017 Shani Manjani was the happy bride.
During a working visit in 2013 we donated new clothes for the children and the staff on the occasion of Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Also in January 2015 we visited the home and donated new shoes to the children. In April 2019 two members of our board on a private tour visited Sinha Sal Sevana and donated presents.

In 2016 we celebrated the marriage of Subashini; in 2017 was Shana Manjani the happy bride.
Started with 10 children in 1996 there were 24 girls + 3 staff members in 2019.
For this purpose we are still looking for additional sponsoring!

5. Pamunugama-Projects

Since 1998 these projects are managed by «Susith Sarana Foundation», an association for social welfare for the 5800 inhabitants of the 16 villages belonging to the postal area of Pamunugana, near Negombo. The population is mainly roman catholic.
⦁ Educational Assistance Plan
This plan provides educational assistance for about 500 needy schoolchildren and students every year. So far we sponsored more than 12.417 scholarships.
⦁ Nutritious Plan
This programme aims at helping poor pregnant women and mothers immediately after the child’s birth, weak infants due to malnutrition, mentally disabled persons etc.
⦁ Help Aid Plan
This is a programme to assist needy old, sick and physically disabled people, who don’t have children or whose children are not in a position to look after them. Thanks to mild sponsors new clothes are distributed to old and sick persons every year.
⦁ Installation of a Communication Centre (computer, modem, printer, fax etc.).
Donation of a computer, modem, printer and fax for the administration of the Foundation.
⦁ Construction of an Educational Centre
This three storey building has been officially opened by us on 25th July 2004.
It includes a preschool for 80 children with a playground, a library and a vocational training centre. In the afternoon, in the evening and during weekends there are classes for adults. Thanks to a donation of five personal computers from a Belgian firm, a computer training centre is operational (2005). In 2006 we constructed a waiting and reading room for the parents and we received an important donation of Montessori material from Solidarity Fund Sylvain DE BAERE.
⦁ Susith Sarana Foster Parents Plan:
So far 298 children have been adopted financially.

6. Vana Meekanda-Projects

These projects are managed by “Sri Lanka-Belgium Association” of which the patrons are the Belgian Honorary Consul in Sri Lanka (ex officio), Mr P.D. Fernando, former director-general of the Department of Commerce in Colombo, as well as chairperson Linda Stabel and managing director John Van Dijck of Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw.
⦁ Construction of a preschool (inclusive of the necessary furniture and educational equipment) for about 50 children in Vana Meekanda, a remote, under-developed village situated on the top of a hill with no basic facilities or social infrastructure.
The school was officially opened by us on 11th August 2002.
⦁ Since then we take care of a middaymeal for the children, the salaries of three
lady-teachers, maintenance and other working expenses of the school.
o Construction of a water well (2002).
⦁ Inauguration of the first part of a drinking water scheme on 21st February 2003.
⦁ Construction of 13 new houses, of the second and last part of the drinking-water scheme and a sanitary project for 28 families. This project was inaugurated by us on 25th July 2004 in the presence of Hon. Deputy Minister Pandu Bandaranaika.
⦁ Reconstruction of 15 houses in 2005.
⦁ Dental Health Camp (4th September 2013) with the participation of 8 doctors and General Health Camp (16th October 2013) with 10 doctors were held in Vana Meekanda. 100, resp. 300 patients were examined and treated.
⦁ During a working visit in January 2015 we donated a new pair of spectacles to 50 visually impaired children.
⦁ In 2018 we financed two drinking water projects in Kadjuwatta and Hidogama.
⦁ In 2019 we sponsored a community welfare centre in Nawa Mahasan Pura/Welikanda.
⦁ Every year we sponsor a Scholarship Scheme for pupils and students.
In 2019 117 children were concerned. So far 1.798 scholarships have been granted.

7. Anuradhapura-Projects

These projects are managed by the “Deaf and Blind School Management Society” of Anuradhapura.
⦁ All the furniture and equipment of the new dormitory.
⦁ Construction of two sanitary blocks.
⦁ Furniture and books for the library.
⦁ Construction of a water tower.
⦁ Construction and equipment of a playground.
⦁ Donation of a copymachine
⦁ Donation of a bicycle
⦁ Donation of a tricycle (tuk tuk)
⦁ Renovation of the playground (2007)
⦁ Donation of a rollator and a wheelchair (2014)
⦁ Anuradhapura Foster Parents Plan: So far 206 children have been adopted financially.

8. Kandy-Projects
These projects have been managed by the Lions Club of Kandy.
⦁ Digana Aluthwatte
1. Renovation of the village temple and donation of a Ganesh statue.
2. Donation of two water-tanks for drinking water (1996).
3. Inauguration of a complete drinking water scheme on 16th April 2004.
⦁ Children’s Home «Sri Subodha Lama Nivahana» at Belungala :
1. Renovation works: roof, doors, windows, sanitary fittings.
2. Donation of refrigerator, mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels
⦁ Kandy Educational Assistance Plan
This plan, sponsored by Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw from 2010 till 2015, provided in an annual scholarship for 27 intelligent children of needy parents.
⦁ Construction of a preschool in Delhousie (2014)
⦁ Kandy Foster Parents Scheme: So far 127 children have been adopted financially.

9. Thanamalwila-Projects

These projects are managed by “Sith Sewana Mentally Handicapped Children’s Development Society” in Thanamalwila.

⦁ Construction of a new dormitory for mentally handicapped boys.
⦁ Donation of furniture for the new dormitory: 30 beds, pedestal cupboards, mattresses, pillows, mosquito-nets, 60 sheets, etc.
⦁ Construction of a tube-well.
⦁ Construction of a new dormitory for mentally handicapped girls.
Inaugurated 21st July 2005.
⦁ Construction of a parapet wall for the girls’ home and donation of kitchen utensils (2006).
⦁ Construction of a sick ward (2007)
⦁ Construction of a chicken farm (2010)
⦁ Sponsoring of a building site for an elders’ home and a vocational training centre (2011).
⦁ Donation of kitchen material for the elders’ home (2013)
⦁ Donation of furniture and equipment for the elders’ section (2014)
⦁ Construction of a water-tank (2017) and of a new kitchen (2018)
⦁ Donation of a carpentry machine (2019)
⦁ Renovation of four rooms and three toilets (2019)
⦁ Renovation of the roof of the Buddhist shrine
⦁ Thanamalwila Foster Parents Scheme:
So far 142 mentally handicapped boys and girls have been adopted financially.

10. Udatenna-Projects

These projects in Udatenna near Matale are managed by “Matale Elders Benevolent Society” for the registered social service organization Shanthinenikethanaya.

⦁ Sponsoring of an awareness programme to train Estate Tamil women and rural women to
prevent them from infection diseases like dengue.
⦁ Construction of our first drinking water project for the poor Tamil community of a
deserted tea estate in Ratwatta Lower Division. Official opening in April 2005.
⦁ Construction of our second drinking water project in Guradie. Official inauguration in July 2006.
⦁ Renovation of Shanti-preschool. Donation of school furniture (2006)
⦁ Construction of our third drinking water project in Sembuwatte. Opened 21st July 2007.
⦁ Construction of our fourth drinking water project in Medawatte. Opened 21st July 2008.
⦁ Construction of our fifth drinking water project (renovation three water wells) in Rusirugama. Opened 21st July 2008.
⦁ Construction of a road from Guradie to Madolkelle. Thanks to this road the nearest medical aid station can be reached in 20 minutes instead of in 2 ½ hours. Opened 21st July 2008.
⦁ Construction of our sixth drinking water project in Ratwatte Upper Division.
Opened 16th April 2009.
⦁ Construction of our seventh drinking water project in Hamure Village. Opened 21st July 2009.
⦁ Sponsoring of construction material for Samanala preschool in Wahigala (2011).
⦁ Construction of a fully equipped preschool in Rusirugama for 25 children.
Opened 16th April 2010. Construction of an extra retention wall in 2011.
⦁ Donation of musical instruments (2011).
⦁ Construction of our eighth drinking water project in Kandenuwara (2011).
⦁ Construction of our ninth drinking water project in Hunugala Upper Division (2011).
⦁ Construction of our tenth drinking water project in Deniya Village (2011).
⦁ Donation of a motorcycle to visit our drinking water projects (2011).
⦁ Construction of our eleventh drinking water project in Hunugala Lower Division (2012).
⦁ Construction of our twelfth till fifteenth drinking water project in Hunnusgariya, Mahatenna and Wategoda (2013) and Sakkarawatta (2014).
⦁ Construction of and school furniture for the Sanderus Educational Development Centre for
200 students from 10 different schools in and around Udatenna. Opening on 28th April 2013.
⦁ Renovation of 24 linehouses in Ratwatta Upper Division (2014).
⦁ Sponsoring of an awareness programme concerning dengue (2014).
⦁ Renovation of 20 linehouses in Ratwatte Lower Division (2015).
⦁ Construction of our sixteenth drinking water project in Hangarankanda (2015)
⦁ Construction of our seventeenth drinking water project in Kandejanapadaya (2015).
⦁ Building material for Kaleimayal Tamil Preschool in Ratwatte (2015).
⦁ Building material for Samadi Preschool in Ukuwelawatta (2015).
⦁ Sponsoring of an awareness programme concerning tuberculosis (2016).
⦁ Renovation of 18 linehouses in Ratwatte Middle Division (2016).
⦁ Renovation of two linehouses in Hunugala after adverse weather conditions (2017).
⦁ Construction of our eighteenth drinking water project in Pudukaduwa (2018).
⦁ Construction of a children’s clinic in Hunugala (2018).
⦁ Construction of a medical centre in Udatenna (2019).

10. Mihintale-Projects

⦁ Dijkstein Preschool
This preschool of which the construction and the annual working expenses were sponsored by the Dijkstein primary school in Sint-Katelijne-Waver/Belgium is managed by Missaka-Belgium Confederation and is intended for 75 children. In the afternoon, in the evening and during weekends there are classes for adults. Official opening in July 2006.
⦁ Donation of Montessori material and a playground for the Dijkstein Preschool (2006).
⦁ Donations of medical equipment to Mihintale State Hospital (2009/2010).
⦁ Donation of musical instruments for the Dijkstein preschool (2010).
⦁ Renovation of the Dijksteinschool (2011).
⦁ Donation of additional furniture for the Dijksteinschool (2011).
⦁ Construction of three houses (Mihintale, Ruwangama and Maradankulama), built by the Belgian companies Cei-Demeijer and Betonac in collaboration with local skilled workers (2011).
⦁ Construction of a water tower for the primary school in Mihintale (2011).
⦁ Container with 130 boxes and crates (e.g. wheelchairs, buggies and medical accessories). The cardboard boxes were used by the local population as additional mattresses and the crates to make tables and other furniture.
⦁ Construction of houses in Ihalamudewa, Kirimettiyawa and Eluppukanniya (2011).
⦁ Renovation of toilets in Mahajanadarawa and Kirimettiyawa (2011/2012).
⦁ Donation of New Year’s presents to the children of the Dijksteinschool (2011).
⦁ Renovation of the library of an elementary school in Mihintale (2012).
⦁ Donation of three information boards for Thamannawe hospital (2013).
⦁ Donation of shoes for children of the elementary school of Siyambalasgaswewa (2013).
⦁ Donation of New Year’s presents to the children of 4 preschools (2013).
⦁ Donation of 100 packets of writing paper to very poor children (2013).
⦁ Donation of school furniture for a preschool in Syambalasgaswewa (2013).
⦁ Construction of two toilets in an elementary school in Tiripanne (2013).
⦁ Donation of cupboards for an elementary school in Mihintale (2013).
⦁ Construction of a preschool with a playground for 50 children in Kunuragama. Opening 15th July 2013.
⦁ Construction of a preschool with playground for 50 children in Yaya 1. Opening 22nd May
⦁ Sponsoring of old and new spectacles, hearing aids, a surgical operation, baby- and children’s clothes, 7 bookcases, Sinhala and Tamil books (2014).
⦁ Construction of a preschool with playground for 50 children in Doramadalawa (2015).
⦁ Construction of 16 ‘dream houses’ for poor families in and around Mihintale (2015)
o Donation of a water-tank to Kanishte elementary school (2015)
o Donation of 1662 book parcels, 49 water filters, 30 bed jackets for pregnant women, beds
and bed linen, a wheelchair, food-parcels etc.(2015).
o Donation of school material, a wheelchair, 3 water filters, 30 mattresses, 100 food-parcels
o Construction of a preschool with playground for 50 children in Kudagama (2016).
⦁ Construction of the last 27 of 100 ‘dream houses’ for poor families in and around Mihintale
⦁ Setting up of a mobile library and purchase of books (2017).
⦁ Donation of water filters, baby- and children’s clothes, food-parcels, book packages (2017).
⦁ Distribution of old and new spectacles and hearing devices (2017).
⦁ Donation of a laptop to two poor students (2017).
⦁ Donation of 50 bras and 30 bath towels to poor women (2017).
⦁ Construction of two preschools in Ginikathuwewa en Ruwangama (2018).
⦁ Construction of two preschools in Wahagahapuwewa and Kathategasdigliya (2019).
⦁ Construction of a study hall for the secondary school in Mihintale (2019).
⦁ Donation of an Acer-projector to the Police of Mihintale, wooden tables and plastic chairs, 500 rechargeable lamps (2019).
⦁ Purchase books in Sinhala for our mobile library, distribution of food-parcels, water filters, baby- and children’s clothes, note books and other school equipment, three computers, bicycles, crutches etc. (2018/2019).
⦁ Construction of 31 additional houses (subtotal 131) in and around Mihintale.
o Mihintale Foster Parents Plan.
So far 329 children have been adopted financially, every time for five years.

10. Thunthalawa-Projects

⦁ Construction of a preschool with a fully equipped playground managed by Sri Lanka-Belgium Association and the Lions Club of Colombo Wekanda.
⦁ Salaries of the teachers, uniforms, stationary, books, middaymeals for the children as well as repairs and maintenance of the building.
⦁ Construction of drinking-water facilities for the village.
⦁ Construction of two houses (2013).
⦁ Donation of a new pair of spectacles to 50 visually impaired persons (2015).
⦁ Every year we grant scholarships to destitute students. In 2019 it concerned 128 children.
So far 610 scholarships have been granted.

⦁ Government Hospital Projects

⦁ Hospital of Nalanda
1. Donation of an electric generator, a landmower, an ECG-recorder,
31 mosquito-nets, 2 nebulizers, 7 mattresses, etc.
2. Renovation of a sick ward.
3. Donation of a computer, a printer and a scanner.
4. Construction of an Outdoor Patients Department, officially inaugurated 18th July 2004.
5. Renovation of the kitchen, the water distribution system and the emergency
treatment unit. Inauguration in March 2006.
6. Renovation of the toilets and the showers. Opening 28th December 2007.
7. Renovation of the labour room. Opening 20th July 2008.
8. Donation of medical equipment for the new labour room. Handing over on
14th February 2009 and 10th April 2010
9. Renovation of the floor of the sick ward for women and donation of two manual resuscitators and four sphygmomanometers. Opening 30th April 2011.
10. Renovation of the sick ward for men. Opening 27th April 2013.
11. Donation of a TV-set for the nurses of Nalanda hospital (2013).
12. Renovation of the children’s ward. Opening 14th January 2015.
13. Donation of an ECG-machine and 4 blood pressure meters, handed over on
14th January 2015.

⦁ Hospital of Mihintale
1. Donation of micromotor and other material for dental clinic.
2. Donation of mosquito nets.
3. Donation of 10 beds for the psychiatric ward (2007).
4. Donation of medical equipment (2008/2009).
5. Renovation of the women’s dormitory of the psychiatric ward (2009).
6. Donation of two TV-sets for the psychiatric ward (2010).
7. Donation of equipment for the men’s dormitory of the psychiatric ward (2011).
8. Putting iron bars on the doors and windows of the psychiatric wards, both male and female
9. Donation of babysets to 90 pregnant women (2012).
10. Donation of new fans for all the sick wards (2012).
11. Distribution of baby clothes to young mothers (2012).
12. Donation of a TV-player, 20 chairs and a TV-table for the psychiatric ward (2015).
13. Donation of 30 mattresses with fitted sheets for the psychiatric ward (2016).
14. Donation of TV antenna and booster (2017).
15. Frequent donations of toilet soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes (2017).

⦁ Hospital of Seeppukulama
1. Donation of an electrical water pump, installation of a water supply system.
2. Donation of medical equipment.

⦁ Hospital of Dambulla
Container with a telephone exchange, office furniture, a TV and medical equipment : scanners, crutches, hospital beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, medication and many bags of milk-powder.

⦁ Hospital of Horowpothane
Donation of a refrigerator, a nebulizer and a sterilization kettle.

⦁ Hospital of Anuradhapura
Donation of a rollator and a wheelchair (2015).
o Hospital of Thammawewa: Construction and equipment of a playground (2018).
Attention ! In 2003 the international firm Becton Dickinson donated 10 blood pressure monitors, 20 thermometers, 61.000 syringes, 21.000 sterile needles, 3.200 autoguards that have been distributed among the hospitals of Horowpothane, Mihintale, Nalanda and Seeppukulama.

⦁ Tsunami-Projects

Thanks to the generosity of almost 1000 sponsors we collected 194.000 EUR and constructed in 2005 and 2006 on the south and west coasts of Sri Lanka, struck by the tsunami of 26th December 2004:
⦁ ROC-preschool in Galagoda near Hikkaduwa
This school with playground has been constructed for the children of the 600 families that will live in the houses of the new colony.
The school that is managed by the Lanka Mahila Samiti, was opened officially by the sponsors ROC Ghent on 9th December 2005.
⦁ Educational Centre in Mirissa
This centre comprises a preschool, a Sunday school and a vocational
training centre. 100 to 150 adults and nearly 100 children benefit from it.
The centre is managed by the Lanka Mahila Samiti. Official opening on 17th July 2006.

⦁ 25 houses in Siribopura near Hambantota
This project is managed by the Lions Club of Colombo Somerset.
The houses were handed over to selected families in March 2006.

⦁ 10 houses in Dodangoda near Kalutara
This project is managed by Sri Lanka-Belgium Association. Handing over
of the houses in March 2007.

⦁ Donation of furniture and kitchen utensils to the house-owners.

⦁ Other housing projects
⦁ After seeing the miserable circumstances some families have to live in, a number of foster parents and other members of the «Belgium-Sri Lanka Friendship Association» decided to finance the construction of more than 20 small houses situated in the so-called «Belgian Village» (Belgianugama), near Elipitiya.
⦁ Construction of a Montessori preschool in the “Belgian Village” (Belgianugama).
⦁ Construction and equipment of a technical training school in the Belgian Village (Belgianugama), financed by the «Antwerp Provincial Council».
⦁ Construction and equipment of a playground for “Aruna’s Home for Mentally Retarded Children” in Panadura.
⦁ Donation of land and a house for the families of foster children in Lunugamwehera and Wahacotta.
⦁ Construction of 21 houses for poor families in Sigiriya.
⦁ Reconstruction of the houses of two widows in Galle and Tangalle.
⦁ Renovation of a preschool in Natholpitiya (2006)
⦁ Renovation of a preschool and a playground in Mideramulla (2006)
⦁ Construction of an Outdoor Patients Department and of a maintenance workshop for the Department of Oral (cancer) Surgery of the Faculty of Peradeniya. Inauguration 06/08/ 2007.
⦁ Construction of houses in Aluthwatta and Pilimathalawa
⦁ Renovation of a house in Colombo
⦁ Extension of an elders’ home in Imbulandanda near Matale (2010)
⦁ Construction of a small school and a house for a young Buddhist priest in the jungle of Udaranchamadamana / Empilitiya (2010)
⦁ Construction of a house in Kirimettiyawa (2011).
⦁ Construction of a toilet for a house in Bogohayaya (2011).
⦁ Construction of preschools cum daycare centre in Malambe (2013) and in Chilaw/Madampe (2014) for the Lanka Mahila Samiti.
⦁ Construction of a reading hall for a school library in a slum area in Colombo (2015).
⦁ Construction of a preschool in Delhousie (2015)

16. Various other projects
⦁ Wheelchair project
So far more than 25 wheelchairs have been donated to handicapped persons in Kandy, Galkulama, Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Seeppukulama, Wattegama, Kantale, Digana, Naula, Ruwangama, Dambulla, Mount Lavinia, etc.
⦁ Donations for a bypass surgery fund (Charles Francis and Kusanthi Amarasinghe), a fund to pay for surgery for two heavily burnt persons (Bala Subramaniam and Janath Wijeratna), the restoration of the roof of the children’s home “St. Joseph’s Children’s Orphanage” in Wattala, equipment for a community hall, an artificial leg, a braille clock for a blind person, a library, a lung machine, a generator, sewing machines etc.
⦁ Donation of a Perkins Braille Typewriter to the Sri Lanka Council for the Blind.
⦁ Sponsoring of “Sri Lanka Cancer Society” of Moratuwa.
⦁ Sponsoring of an urgent kidney-operation in Sigiriya.
⦁ Important contribution to the renovation of 50 preschools and daycare centres, managed by the “Lanka Mahila Samiti”, one of the oldest NGO’s of Sri Lanka.
⦁ Donation of more than 700 toys by the children of the staff of IBM Belgium (27/11/2005). The toys were distributed in 2006 among six of our partner-organizations.
⦁ Donation of more than 800 used and new pairs of spectacles for the Council for the Blind in 2006.
⦁ Donation of a water filtering pump for the students and teachers of Embilipitiya Kolombago Ara school (2006).
⦁ Donation of three TV-sets to Peradeniya University Campus and to two
preschools near Vana Meekanda and Polonnaruwa (2008).
⦁ Donations of furniture equipment and chemicals for the scientific laboratories of four colleges in the district of Polonnaruwa with more than 2.000 Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students (2010 and 2011).
⦁ Donation of white canes, talking watches, radios and other Braille equipment (2011) and agricultural material (2013) for Rajarata Federation of the Visually Handicapped for the North Central Province.
⦁ Sponsoring of a drinking water project for 600 families in Welikanda (2017).

⦁ Sri Lanka in our Heart
SLIOH Belgium, an association of families having adopted Srilankan children, was till 2016 a regional division of Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw. It organized activities in order to gather funds to support local projects.
⦁ Renovation of a school for 200 children between the ages of 6 and 16 years in Pallepola,
near Matale
⦁ Construction of the library with the reading room (2006)
⦁ Construction of sanitary blocks for boys and girls, as well as two septic tanks and three water taps on the domain (2008/2009)
⦁ Reconstruction of the playground (2010)
⦁ A dairy cow programme for the poorest 75 families in cooperation with the Government Veterinary Office: purchase of 150 cows (2 per family) so that the families get an extra income thanks to the sale of the milk (2009-2010).
⦁ Sponsoring of a drinking water project in Hunugala Upper Division (2011).
⦁ Sponsoring of a children’s home building in Illupaikulam, Manar (2011).
⦁ Sponsoring of drinking water systems in Hunugala Lower Division (2012), Hunnusgiriya, Mahatenna and Wategoda (2013) and in Hangarankanda (2014)
⦁ Renovation and equipment for the library of the elementary school in Mihintale (2013).
⦁ Reconstruction of 24 linehouses in Ratwatta Upper Division (2014).
⦁ Reconstruction of 20 linehouses in Ratwatte Lower Division (2015).
⦁ Sponsoring of a drinking water project in Hangarankanda (2015).

18. New projects in 2020
In 2020 we are looking for generous sponsors for the current and new projects hereafter:
⦁ Foster parents for our children’s home “Sinha Sal Sevana” in Mategoda.
⦁ Foster parents for our adoption plans in Mihintale and Thanamalwila.
⦁ Sponsors for the working expenses of our preschools in Galagoda, Pamunugama, Rusirugama,
Thunthalawa and Vana Meekanda.
⦁ Sponsors for our scholarship schemes in Pamunugama, Thunthalawa and Vana Meekanda.
o Purchase of additional books in Sinhala for our mobile library.
o Donations of baby-and children’s sets, food parcels, water filters, notebooks, clothing for poor
sick and old people, etc.
o Construction of several preschools and additional houses in the region Mihintale.

So far «Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw» has financed the above projects, inclusive of our humanitarian action after the disaster of 26th December 2004, for about 600.000.000 Rupees (+ EUR 3.000.000). Moreover, on the occasion of personal visits to their foster child and his or her family, several of our members have provided their child with housing , clothing, food and presents for another considerable amount of money. From our initiative resulted several other independent activities in favour of the poor in Sri Lanka.

Our funds come from :

⦁ Contributions by foster parents.
⦁ Donations by Belgian families for personal projects.
⦁ Donations of business firms and subsidies of municipalities.
⦁ Organization of pancake days, lunches, etc.
⦁ Speeches and actions in churches, schools, service clubs and other institutions and associations.
⦁ Charity concerts.
⦁ Our annual magazine “AYUBOWAN”
⦁ Our website ⦁

In Belgium the funds raised are officially managed on bank account BE89 7332 2911 9585 of «Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw».

In Sri Lanka, the money is transferred to six official accounts of :
⦁ Sri Lanka-Belgium Orphan Children’s Trust (Colombo).
⦁ Sri Lanka-Belgium Association (Rajagiriya)
⦁ Sith Sevana Mentally Handicapped Children’s Development (Thanamalwila).
⦁ Susith Sarana Foundation (Pamunugama)
⦁ Matale Elders Benevolent Society/Shanti Nikethanaya (Udatenna)
⦁ Lanka Mahila Samiti (Welivita/Malabe)

Apart from the fiscal control of their accounts by the Belgian tax authorities and the supervision of our activities in Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Development, Adoptie Sri Lanka vzw being a member of Donorinfo (, a public utility foundation, is audited regularly by a chartered accountant.


⦁ Two audiences of the late Gaston DILLEN of the late President, the Hon. Mr. Premadasa.
⦁ Audience of the late Prime minister, the Hon. Mrs. Bandaranaika.
⦁ Audiences of several ministers in Sri Lanka.
⦁ His Excellency, the Hon. Ravinatha Aryasinha , former Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Brussels who honoured us with his visit on 3rd of December 2008 and 24th October 2010.
⦁ His Excellency, the Hon. K.J. Weerasinghe, former Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Brussels who visited us in Putte on the 30th of March 2007 and who spoke with great appreciation of our humanitarian projects in favour of poor people in his country.
⦁ His Excellency, the Hon. Casie Chetty, former Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Brussels, who visited our «Sri Lanka-day» in 1995 (1500 people present) and who spoke appreciatingly of our activities as follows: «It is not certain, that there is another country in the world, where is done so much to help my people».
⦁ His Excellency, the Hon. C.R. Jayasinghe, former Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Brussels who was present at the function of 24th July 2003 to celebrate the 70th birthday of our chairman Gaston Dillen.
⦁ The Hon. P. D. Fernando, former director-general of the Department of Commerce in Colombo.
⦁ The Commissioner of Probation and Child Care Services.
⦁ Mr. Sunil Samaraweera, T. Asoka Peiris, Mr. Ranugge and Mr. Abayagunawardana, former Commissioners of Probation and Child Care Services.
⦁ Mr. Amaradasa Gunawardana, president of Sri Lanka–Belgium Association and of the Council for the Blind.
⦁ Mr. Mahen Kariyawasan, founder trustee of Sal Sevana Children’s Home.
⦁ Mrs. Geethanee Korahakagoda, chairperson, and
Mr. Wattegedara Jayawardane, project co-ordinator of Matale Elders Benevolent Society.
⦁ Mr. Ranga Nanayakkara,managing director of Susith Sarana Foundation .
⦁ Mrs Thilaka Perera, chairperson of Lanka Mahila Samiti.
⦁ Mr. P.G. Gamini, project co-ordinator for all projects in and around Mihintale.
⦁ President and Board of Directors of the Lions Clubs of Colombo and Kandy
⦁ The medical officers of the State hospitals of Nalanda, Mihintale, Dambulla, Horowpothane, Seeppukulama and Thamannawe.
⦁ Mr. Sarath Lanka Perera, director of the school for mentally handicapped children in Thanamalwila.
⦁ Mr. J.W. Wijesinghe, coordinating secretary of Maithree Asarana Sarana Sangamaya.
⦁ Professor R.L. Wijeyeweera, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, Peradeniya University, Kandy.
⦁ Poor people all over Sri Lanka.


The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers devoting their life to a worthy cause, which is the reason for the overhead expenses of the association being exceptionally low.
President : Mrs. Linda STABEL
Managing director : Mr. John VAN DIJCK
Treasurer : Mrs. Davina STAESSEN
Secretary : Mrs. Diane STABEL
Other Board Members : Mrs. Karlien FERMON and Mr. Karel PEETERS.

‘Each individual may be able to help differently, together we can do a lot!’